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Yoga Therapy

Your body talks to you every day and you can learn to listen to the message it sends.  To help you do this, Stacy offers both group and private yoga instruction.  Stacy’s approach to yoga is so much more than putting your body into shapes.  What yogic tools would be most supportive to you?  Learn these and learn to observe where you may beholding tension or strain in your body and how well youre breathing.  With awareness the body breath and mind begin to shift. Clcik here to learn more about Stcay’ yoga offerings

Your body talks to you every day and you can learn to listen to the messages it sends.

To help you do this, I offer Private Yoga Therapy designed to help you cultivate calm, alleviate stress and anxiety, reduce and resolve pain, and feel strong from within. More Ease Here (link to booking)

My clients have a variety of lifestyles. Maybe you’re stressed because of your job or home responsibilities. Maybe you have just been diagnosed with a condition, injury or illness or supporting someone who has. Maybe you’re physically fit and want to improve your ability. Or you might feel totally out of shape and want to do something about it. You could be a long-term yoga practitioner or a total newbie.

One of the best things about yoga is it meets you where you’re at.

Our session together will take into account the factors of your life and when you arrive, you’ll set 1-3 goals for your session.

My approach is so much more than putting your body into shapes– We look what yogic tools would be most supportive to you that day. If our method is movement, I’ll guide you in observing where you may be holding tension or strain in the body, how well you’re breathing, and how to improve the functionality of your movement. With awareness, the body, breath and mind begin to shift. You can become aware of what ease feels like so you can maintain it.

We may also work with guided meditations, yoga nidra, breathwork or mantras. These can give the mind a focal point to help with grounding and re-centering or help you to unravel and process.

As we wrap up our session, we’ll design a tailored home practice. Let’s keep it simple and we can create it to fit where you have space in your life. This home practice allows the effects of our time together to be amplified and helps you maintain the new normal you established during the session. You can make your practice a supportive habit and a regular component of your self care.

Ready to get started? (link to booking)

Some clients find they appreciate the combination of yoga therapy and therapeutic massage. The massage helps them to unwind tension they were having trouble accessing by themselves and the yoga helps them to move, breath and feel better through their own easeful efforts.

More information on Yoga and Massage Therapy Packages Here


About the Yoga Therapist: Stacy Wooster is a Certified Yoga Therapist with The International Association of Yoga Therapists (link: Iayt.org) and an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher/ Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance (link: yogaalliance.org).