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The moment you were born was extraordinary. The relationship of sun+moon+stars+earth will never be the same. The lives you touch and have touched will never be the same.
You are amazing and unique.  Did you know you came with a blueprint? There is no other design quite like yours. Would you like to understand it better?


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Star Chart Consultation

First, let us dive into the very basics of your astrological profile. I help you to take a look at where the sun and moon were when you were born and your rising sign (the orientation to earth), how that affects who you are and how you live, and why you feel inclined to do what you do.

You have free will. Everyone does. And you can use your strengths to your advantage and address your challenges with grace and compassion.

Astrology Readings can be like checking the weather or looking at a map. It helps to have a little awareness of what’s around us. Sometimes life events or people call your attention. You might want to know why and how to navigate it as smoothly as possible.

In this reading, we will cover the basics of your natal chart (your imprint from birth) before we discuss transits and progressions (where you are now).

Please provide accurate birth time, date and location when you book the appointment.

New and Repeat Clients: Book 90 minute session

Follow Up Session: 60 minute session (repeat clients only)


Relationship Synastry Reading

This reading combines the charts of 2 people and reveals how people interact with one another. By overlaying the charts, the dynamics of the relationship come to light. This leads to greater understanding of how easily the 2 people can work together, where there may be hiccups, and what the draw is in the relationship. This does not predict how a relationship is going to work out, rather, it gives insight into tendencies in the relationship. It is important to have an accurate birth time, date and location for both people. Please provide this information at the time of booking.

90 minute Session: Book Here


Family Astrology

One’s closest relationships can be defining. The continual contact between people influence day-to-day life and the interplay between parent and child can have life-long impact. This synastry reading offers understanding of your child’s strengths and where they may need additional assistance. It also looks at how you respond to one another and ways to offer loving support and guidance. Please provide accurate time, date and location of birth for all individuals.

2 hour Session

Synastry for a family of 3

Synastry for a family 4

Requests for more than 4 can be made.


Want to see the light? Book Now (link to booking service)

Please provide your full date, exact time, and location of birth when you make your appointment.  I will have materials prepared ahead of time.  If you do not know the time of birth, please see your birth certificate or ask a close relative who may know.



“I can’t begin to thank you enough for your amazing insight and guidance! The reading you gave me has given me so much strength and confidence in everything I was moving through. Seriously, there are no words to express my gratitude.” ~Kelly